Unix for OS X __ Ch. 5 > Finding Files and Information

The Oddly Named grep Command


grep, locate, find, Spot-light

grep “Word” *  >> Word 포함 파일 검색
ls -l | grep “word” >> 출력 중에서 word 검색.   >> 파이프 .. pipe..

Useful grep Options

-An : Show n lines after the matching line,
-Bn : Before
-Cn : Before and After
-v, -n, -l, -c, -i

Matching context
$ grep -n -C1 Aqua sample

Matches in color
$ grep –color=always text sample
GREP_OPTIONS=”–color=always”;export GREP_OPTIONS  >> .profile setting..

Counting matches rather than showing matching lines <-c option>
$ grep -c “word” /var/log/system.log

Working with Regular Expressions [114]

wc : word count

Finding Files with locate

Building the locate Database

주 간격으로 자동 생성. cron 에서..
$ locate  >> show instruction

Using locate

정규식 불가.
$ locate alpha | grep “/man/”

Using find to Explore Your Filesystem [120]

사용하기 복잡하고 조금 다른 성격의 명령어 “” find “”
find flags pathname expression
$ find -name “*.html”
$ find . -name “*.html” -print  >> current working directory (.)   $HOME
$ find $HOME -name “*.html” -print | wc -l

Matching by File Size

Unit :: 512 byte block size..
c :: exact size… (byte)
$ find /bin -size +60 -print

Exploring find Permission Strings [122]

퍼미션으로 파일 찾기..

Using find to Identify Recently Changed Files

$ find . -cmin -60 -print -type f
+60 :: 바뀌지 않은 파일… 엄청 많겠지..
-ctime :: 시간 단위..

find’s Faithful Sidekick : xargs[125]

xargs is a program that turns a stream of filenames into iterative calls to whatever program is specified, with a subset of the filenames listed on the command line itself

파일이름의 스트림을 명령 라인 자체에 리스트된 파일 이름의 섭 세트처럼 반복해서 프로그램을 부르는 프로그램.

Futher Refinements to find

Shining a Light on Spotlight

Listing Spotlight Metadata with mdls

Finding Files with mdfind

Making Spotlight Useful


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