Unix for OS X __ Ch. 4 > File Management

Ch. 4 File Management

File and Directory Names

Letters, – _ and . (dot)..

File and Directory Wildcards [p80]

* ;
? ; one character
[] ;  chap[12], chap[1-3]
{ , } ; a{b,c,d}e :: abe, ace, ade .. Mail/{abc,def}..

cat, less : 화면에 내용 스트림.

폴더에 조건 적용 가능.. */summary … 모든 폴더의 동일 이름 파일 접근 가능..

Looking Inside Files [p82]

cat -n :: concatenate

less :: one page at a time

-M : long prompt.
Space : next page
v : start vi
Return : next  __LINE.
Ctr-L : Redisplay cur page.
nf : move forward n lines..
h : help
b : move back one page
/word : Search forward for ‘word’
?word : Search backward for ‘word’
q : quit

grep [p85] :: 문자 포함 파일 찾기..

Creating and Editing Files :: Vi


Text Editors and Word Processors

에디터 3인방 : vi, Pico, Emacs  or (BBEdit, TextEdit, … gedit ?? )  [ open -e myfile.txt ]

맥, 유닉스 파일 종료… ^M ??   ==> tr ’15’ ’12’
alias m2u = “tr ’15’ ’12’ ”  이런식..
$ m2u <mac file> unix file..

The vi Text Editor [p89]

command mode : i ==> insert mode

insert mode : esc ==> command mode

$ vi .profile   # shell’s setup file…

vi Basics

H, G, w, b, 0, $ …

Searching in vi

command mode : /theWord
n : search again..

Invoking external Unix commands [p93]

yank :w ZZ (save and quit), dd (delete one line) …

A Simpler vi Alternative : Pico [p96]

GNU nano .. free version of Pico

The more complex option : Emacs

LISP 기반.

Managing Files

Creating Directories with mkdir

mkdir folderA folderB  >> 여러개 가능
mkdir “some folder with space”  >> 공백 포함.
mkdir -p myFolder/ch{01,02,03,04,tntro,toc,index}  >> ch01 ch02 … folder..

Copying Files [p100]

cp ../fold/ch1.txt  ../fold/ch2.txt  documents
cp -i ../fold/ch[1-3].txt documents
cp ../john/ch[1-3].doc  .  // to current folder
-R  >> recursive option.

Renaming and Moving Files with mv

Removing Files and Directories [p103]

rm : remove PERMANENTLY.. no Trash .
rm -i filenames  ;; interactive..
rm -P   // 0, 1, 0  으로 밀어버림.  보안.. (데이터 복구 불가능)

rmdir  (파일 포함 폴더 삭제 불가)
rm -r (recursive…)
rm -i .[^.]*

Working with Links

ln -s abc abcLinkName
하드 링크는 -s 없이 사용.   동일한 크기.. 링크 카운트 표시.. 파일이 2개면 2..

Compressing and Archiving Files (p107)

gzip [-v] files   >> verbose output
gunzip filename

tar [tape archiver]
tar [c|t|x] [flags] fileOrDirectory



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